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How much should a video cost anyway?

So I thought instead of turning this into a big deal I’ll just introduce to you “the competition”.

Check out these two competitors YDRAW and WhiteBoardAnimation

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YDRAW pricing
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WhiteboardAnimation pricing

I have linked straight to their pricing-sheets.

Not saying those figures shocked you, just saying they shock many.

And obviously I showed you because with us you won’t pay anywhere near that.

I will acknowledge of course that the level of fanciness differs. I just wanted to get everyone on the same page because I know many of my first-time customers are not familiar with what’s going on in the market-place with regards to pricing.

Also: Did you know, that the average voice-over (narration) for 60 seconds intended for TV or radio-broadcast is up to $2000?

That would not even include the video.

But well, not with us.

We work with some of the most sought-after voice-artists in the world.

And the narration is – of course – part of our pricing.

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Cartoons & Avatars

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Jay Sankey

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We offer many different animation levels

We call them:

  • El Cheapo Videos
  • Gold Videos
  • Platinum Videos
  • Platinum Plus Videos
  • 30 Second Spots
  • Water Color Story Telling Video
  • 60 Seconds Titanium Edition Videos
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El Cheapo Videos

El Cheapo videos don’t break the bank. They cost very little and yet beat having no video at all by a long shot. They can be upgraded later to Gold or Platinum.To upgrade to Gold or Platinum just pay the balance but note that this is based on the assumption that the narration and script were paid when you ordered your “Cheapo”. Now, we’ll just add more scenes.

El Cheapo samples

Gold Videos

Here we “cheat” a little so to speak to keep the price lower compared to the platinum. Less overall scenes, attention to detail and oppulence. More “white space”, slower unfoldment of visual elements. Option for smaller budgets or simpler needs. To upgrade to Platinum just pay the balance but note that this is based on the assumption that the narration and script were paid when you ordered your “Gold”.

Now, we’ll just add more scenes.

Average 7 artist-hours. Plus narration. Plus script.

Gold samples

Platinum Videos

This is our most requested solid piece.

Average 14 artist-hours. Plus narration. Plus script.

Platinum samples

Platinum Plus Videos

Our Platinum Plus video brings a lot more movement to your video, be it foreground or background. Crazy video for addicts and larger marketing-budgets.

For example:

Critters move, eyes blink, things fly, cars drive. Facial expressions, some body-language. Trees and flowers bend, clouds move across the sky and some special effects once in a while.

Average 50 artist-hours. Plus narration. Plus script.

Platinum Plus samples

"I thought the videos would take months to produce and I had them in a few days which blew my mind..."

Larry Jacobson

Coach, Speaker, Author


As payment, we take PayPal.

Simply send me your company-address for me to email you an invoice.

Contact me: Call me:480-409-4566

"We were fascinated to see how our video were built.
I did three..."

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Whats More...

We do NOT

use stock-cartoons

We do NOT

use or sell templates
Can you just edit in a logo for me?
We actually can’t.

We do NOT

re-use scenes from past videos for new videos